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Order Peninsular War. NEWS OF THE ADVANCE TO BURGOS‚ JUNE 1813. Peninsular War. NEWS OF THE ADVANCE TO BURGOS‚ JUNE 1813. @ £562.50

A fine and descriptive Autograph Letter Signed by William Brooke at Lisbon‚ to J.J.Holford in London‚ describing the blowing up of the Castle at Burgos by the French‚ the flight of the French‚ the high effectiveness of the British Army “in point of numbers‚ health‚ and strength”‚ his own prospects and those of various young officers‚ his billet and much else. 4 pp. 9 x 7 inches‚ fine‚ with address panel‚ postal markings: Lisbon to Falmouth packet 1s 7d; Falmouth to London 273m (1805 rates) 11d. Total endorsed 2s 6d. Lisbon‚ 19 June 1813. William Brooke became Major in 5th Dragoon Guards 25 July 1805; brevet Colonel 25 July 1810; served in Peninsula as officer in charge of courts-martial at Lisbon September 1812 to April 1814; subsequently Major-General 4 June 1813; Lieutenant-General 27 May 1825; died Bath 1843. “The French‚ with might‚ haste and vigour‚ did slip from one mountain to another before we had scarcely time to count the valleys …if the French continue to fly from us‚ as they have hitherto done‚ our Brave Boys will be posted like so many Telegraphic Signals on the Summit of the Pyrenees. Salamanca‚ Zamora‚ Toro‚ Valladolid‚ Valencia‚ & the above mentioned Burgos‚ they quitted without a struggle…” “I hope the Flora dance went off with eclat. I think I see my sylph like Sophy‚ gracefully displaying her delicate form in all the refined Attitudes of Paris before me‚ in this large Room of Juntellas‚ the Elder Brother of the Baron of that Name‚ & where I am billeted: No. 18 Rua das Chagas very near the Paulista’s Convent but called by the Irish Dragoons (in reply to the question of where Genl. Brooke lives) Shag=ging St.”